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Sweden faces another summer of hospital bed shortages: here are the worst-hit regions

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 23:34
Sweden is struggling to recruit enough nurses for the summer period, with hospital staff numbers set to be strained.

Sweden's job agency fires 1,800 employees

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 23:03
A total of 1,800 employees at the Swedish national agency in charge of helping job-seekers have been told they will be let go, as a result of budget cuts set to affect operations across the country.

What's the difference between being a resident and a citizen in Sweden?

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 08:06
Once you've lived in Sweden for a certain amount of time, you'll become eligible for permanent residence and, in many cases, Swedish citizenship. Either status grants you more security to stay in Sweden long-term, but there are some important differences between the two. Here are the key factors to be aware of, in The Local's guide.

Swedish court schedules Assange detention hearing for June 3rd

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 07:44
A court in Uppsala on Tuesday announced its decision to hold a detention hearing for Julian Assange on June 3rd. This is the first step towards seeking extradition of the WikiLeaks founder from Britain to Sweden, where he is suspected of rape.

Swede jailed for child rape 24 years ago in groundbreaking court case

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 05:29
A man has been jailed for attacking and raping an eight-year-old girl on her way home from school 24 years ago, after a law change in how police can use DNA linked him to the scene.

Swedish word of the day: jaha

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 00:13
Here's a word that will make you sound infinitely more Swedish, and can be used in almost any situation.

Who stole our cookies and sponge cakes? Swedish police hunt fika thieves

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 23:29
We know Swedes love their fika breaks, but a group of sweet-toothed thieves took it to the extreme when they stole thousands of homemade chocolate biscuits and sponge cakes from a small village hall.

Here's what this week's weather forecast has in store for Sweden

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 22:50
Bring out your sunglasses but keep your umbrella at hand, just in case. The summer warmth that has settled on Sweden is expected to stick around, but there may also be the occasional shower.

Malmö street artists' mouse detective trail is a biting satire

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 07:22
With their new immersive detective mystery Mustisk (Mousterious), the Malmö collective AnonyMouse have taken their mouse-themed street art in an ambitious and gently satirical direction.

There's a record number of summer jobs available in Sweden this year

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 06:48
The summer could be the perfect time for newcomers to break into Sweden's labour market – and this year there are more opportunities than ever before.

This map reveals Sweden's cleanest swimming spots

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 06:46
With the weather warming up across Sweden, there's good news for fans of open air swimming: more than 90 percent of Sweden's bathing spots are ranked as good quality.

Julian Assange: Swedish prosecutor requests detention of WikiLeaks founder

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 23:48
A Swedish prosecutor has now formally asked to have Julian Assange detained in absentia for allegedly raping a woman while she was asleep, according to court documents seen by The Local.

Sweden Democrats oust MEP candidate just days before EU election

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 23:21
The Sweden Democrats have removed one of their politicians from the list of candidates for this week's European election amid groping allegations against another one of their top names.

Sync or swim: Stockholm men push boundaries with synchronised swimming

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 03:10
Balding, paunchy and unshaven, this group of Stockholm friends in their 40s are making waves: they're pioneers of men's team synchronised swimming, challenging stereotypes one aquatic pirouette at a time.

Reader voices: Where to find the best of British culture in Sweden

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 07:30
Is it possible to find a proper pub, a good cup of tea, or even battered fish'n'chips in Sweden? Yes, as long as you know where to look. The Local asked Brits in Sweden for help in tracking down the best of British in Sweden.

Swedish word of the day: trotsålder

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 05:57
Anyone bringing up small children in Sweden will know this word, but it will probably be a mystery to other foreigners.

Sweden urged to recruit police officers from Norway

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 04:34
Sweden's police union has proposed recruiting police officers from neighbouring Norway in a bid to fight a shortage of officers.

Why has the number of climate articles in Swedish media doubled in four years?

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 03:38
The number of articles about climate change in the Swedish media jumped dramatically last year after a record warm summer, the worst forest fires in living memory, and the school strikes launched by Stockholm teen Greta Thunberg.

Head of Swedish 'Muslim school' seized by security police

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 02:17
The chief executive of a largely Muslim free school in Gothenburg has been placed in custody by the Swedish Migration Agency on the orders of the country's Säpo security police. It follows the arrests of other senior Muslims in recent months.

Sweden's John Lundvik storms through to Eurovision final

Fri, 05/17/2019 - 00:01
Sweden's Eurovision hopeful John Lundvik sailed into the final on Thursday night with a near flawless rendition of his gospel-tinged pop anthem Too Late for Love.